The Most Anticipated BMW X1 Has Come!

Have you ever heard that BMW X1 has come in today’s market? As one of the most anticipated car in 2018, the X1 truly has the best features. You can find the best engine which makes it has the best performance on the road. Moreover, there will be the best features for both interior and exterior design. For further information, you can read the following information below.

BMW X1 Engine Performance And Design

To review the best BMW X1, you can start from its engine performance. It has been built in 2.0 liter of turbocharged with 4 cylinder units. That is why it can accelerate the engine production to 228 hp of torque. However, there will be some modifications as the best choice. For the highlight features in this X1, it can reduce the emission and strike to 6 miles per hour. As an additional option, there will be 6 speed of transmission.

The best features are not only formed in its engine power. The X1 also has great design. There will be LED limelights for the front ends and bumper. With more accents, this car looks greater as the stylish car. For the inside, all the seats are covered by a luxurious leather. It will make you and passenger be more comfortable while driving around. Moreover, you can also find high technology features like audio players with the greatest speaker, USB connection, Bluetooth, and also a big touchscreen displays. As an additional feature, you can also find satellite radio in climate control.

BMW X1 Release Date And Price

When will this X1 be released? Actually, it has been released and you can find it. For the price, the X1 has been in the market starts from $34,000. If you need more information about this car, so you may visit as well.