Best Tips To Increase Breast Milk

How to increase breast milk? Besides eating good food such as spinach, salmon, brown rice, apricot, and more, your lifestyle may affect the production of breast milk. You will breastfeed your baby after birth. Therefore, you need to keep your health so you are able to feed your baby. Breastfeeding needs strength, so you have to be strong and healthy. This will help you to recover your body post-pregnancy. There are some do’s and don’ts that you need to pay attention during the nursing period if you want to increase your breast milk.

How To Increase Breast Milk?

How to increase breast milk? First, you need to stay away from alcohol. It’s no surprise actually. As you know that consuming alcohol can harm not only you, as the mother, but also your little angel during nursing. Moreover, alcohol will decrease the production of breast milk. The harmful substance of alcohol can pass into your baby through breast milk. Besides alcohol, you need to stay away from your medication. Medication can block breast milk production. You can consult with your doctor if you want to take medicine. After your delivery, you need to avoid taking hormonal contraceptives.

The next thing that you need to do is wear the right bra. If you wear a tight bra too often, it can compress your chest area. It can also make chest area become stiff and affect the milk flow. Just wear a bra that fit your body in order to avoid the duct clogs. The last tip on how to increase breast milk is by staying relaxed and calm. Stress has major role in breast milk production. We know that taking care of a baby is a tough job. But you need to rest and sleep well. Ask your family to help you babysit your little one. Find out more about breast milk on