How Dust Mites Spread Allergy And Asthma

The dust mite is a type of microscopically sized creature that lives in a colony. Not just tens or hundreds, mites can live in mats, sofas, beds, and carpets, with the number reaching millions. Mites usually live in an environment that is almost moist and warm. Dust mite bites their food for surviving by eating sweat that absorbs into a mat or carpet, consuming dead skin dead cells and dirt trapped in the place of life. Even when finding a comfortable place, mites can live and breed in a very long time, until finally spread a variety of diseases, including allergies and asthma.

In Addition To Dust Mite Bites, There Are Other Things That Cause Allergies And Asthma

In some studies, dust mite bites do not spread allergies and asthma, but through their feces. Even in the latest research mentioned if the allergy virus found in mite feces, responsible directly for all kinds of allergic reactions that occur in humans. In addition, dung mites were responsible for the recurrence of asthma and increased asthma attacks in children. Even for the dirt mites can cause allergies for life. How horrible is this mite? To overcome this problem, there are several ways you can do, one of them by routinely cleaning the places indicated where the mites breed, especially the bedroom, carpet, sofa, mattress and more. In addition, allergy sufferers and asthma are advised not to sleep on mattresses and pillows from kapok because kapok is supposed to be a perfect place to nest mites and dust at home.

Meanwhile, the habit of sunning the mattress is not considered effective. The reason, mites will only die at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. While the temperature is spread by sunlight does not reach that temperature. To kill the mites, you are advised to eliminate them using a steam cleaner or Steam Cleaner. Do not forget, make sure every corner of the room is always clean of dust by routinely mopping floors and cleaning all the furniture at home, so you can minimize the dust mite bites. Happy cleaning!