Easy To Process Frozen Shrimp Indonesia

Shrimp which is a seafood product whose popularity is no doubt. So that requires shrimp as a favorite menu of its availability reproduced. In addition, there are some things to think about when it comes to shrimp one of them is how to extend from the shelf life of the food. One of the innovations that can be offered is by freezing the shrimp. In the process of freezing the shrimp, there are some processes that we must pass, the first stage that needs to be done is to receive the raw material which then after the raw materials have been received in the acceptance of the next step are some things that need to be done. Here is the explanation.

Some Tips To Process Shrimp Become Frozen Shrimp Indonesia

Steps we need to do after we receive a shrimp that is cutting the head and cleaning gender. Where the head cutting and gender cleansing is done by hand. The way of cutting the head is from the bottom up and the cut part starting from the border of the head covering the head to the neck. Shrimp that have been cut off his head then cooled in cold water with maximum temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. After that, a second washing process, if shrimp that have been cut off head washed in chlorinated water with a concentration of 10 ppm. This leaching aims to remove mucus, dirt and also to reduce the amount of bacteria present.

The next stage is the color sorting stage. Where this stage of shrimp will experience the process of separation based on the color. Separation of the color by the color of raw material and classified according to product color. Namely medium, black and blue. After the next color sorting is the sorting stage size. Where sorting of this size is a way of sorting shrimp based on its size. Shrimp are collected according to a certain amount for each pound. This stage of shrimp is always maintained in cold conditions by way of giving ice bulk to the shrimp that are being sorted. After that there are several more steps to be done such as final sorting, weighing, washing into third washing, preparation in the Freezing pan, and freezing process. That’s some stage in the process of freezing shrimp, for more detailed information can directly visit the website frozenshrimpsuppliers.com. may be useful!