Eye Disorders Not Just Attacking Elders

Eyes belong to the five most important senses possessed by humans. Eyes help us to be grateful for how beautiful our earth is. It is common knowledge that the health and ability of the eyes will decrease as we get older. We often see people who are in their old age using the aid of glasses when reading, it’s because their views have started to blur, to be able to focus on the letters that they read, they need the help of glasses. We also know that the disorder or vision problem is not only experienced by elders, but also by people who are still young. It is influenced by genetic factors and also their lifestyle is less attention to eye health.

Always Watch Your Eye Health

Many tips are distributed as an effort to maintain eye health, such as maintaining a diet and choosing foods high in nutrients such as vegetables and fruits. Utilization of vegetables and fruits such as cucumber used as eye compress is also widely known, and there are still some other tips.  The other tips that you can try to keep your eyes healthy are to use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. Better to use polarized lenses, not just dark lenses. UV protective sunglasses are needed to counter exposure from direct sunlight. Seeing objects with excessive light is not good for your eyes.

Computers have become a common tool used for work, but you need to avoid sitting too long in front of the computer. If nothing is too important, then avoid staring at the computer for too long, because it will make your eyes tired. It is commonly known that you should not read in dim light because it can cause the eyes to become tense. If eyes are tired, then rest. Never once you try to see a light that is too bright directly. You should not focus your eyes on the sun because it can damage the eyes. Hopefully these tips useful.