The Game That Is Simple But Fun

The aim of playing the game is to release stress and entertain yourself. Choosing a simple and easy game is the right choice to release stress. We likely force to install games with high graphics while our smartphone is not qualified, then it will make the smartphone often experience lag in the middle of the game and make us even more stress. Not all good quality android games are big in size because there are some developers who understand most mobile gamers who have an Android smartphone with standard specifications.

Cheap File Size But Quality Is Not Cheap

For those of you who love to play games with good graphics but the file size is small, here are some games you can try:

  1. Asphalt Nitro

Good quality small size android game is a car race game titled Asphalt Nitro from Gameloft. In the game description, the size of this android game is only 25 MB, more precisely 25.4 MB. The size is practically very small for a genre of racing with stunning graphics and gameplay.

  1. Zombie Frontier

You become one of the lucky ones who managed to avoid the virus. Your job now is to wipe out those terrible zombies. Although this android game is small only 14.8 MB, the quality of graphics and sound effects are also very good. Various weapons can also be chosen at will to attack a bunch of zombies that are in front of you.

  1. Galactic

Game size 26.6 MB is carrying the concept of endless run/jump is supported by a unique appearance. Developer Simpleton gives us the freedom to choose alien characters and humans who of course the choice of characters given have their own advantages and disadvantages when later doing the action in outer space.

That’s 3 choices of light and simple games that do not make us more stress when playing it. You can visit because there are still many other types of light games that you can play.