Gaming Laptop For $100, Is It Possible?

Are you a gamer? The laptop becomes one of the best tools to play the favorite game. Although it is better to play a game on a computer with high features, the laptop still is the best to carry out anywhere. Most of the gaming laptop is worth more than $500. It must be more expensive than other laptop types since it has higher features. Is there any cheap gaming laptop under 100? Let’s just check this out.

Can I Have Gaming Laptop For $100 Only?

Can I have cheap gaming laptop under 100? Actually, it is still impossible to find gaming laptop which is worth less than $100. For the cheapest gaming laptop, it will worth at least for $200. It is also kind of difficult to find it. That is why you need to get more budget to have a gaming laptop. However, you still can get the cheapest gaming laptop which is worth around $200 to $600. Here is the best recommendation for you:

  • Acer Switch 3 & Acer Swift 3

For the cheapest one, you can choose Acer Switch 3 which has Intel Pentium Quad Core. It has 12.2 inches of screen with 64GB storage. With his excellent screen, you still get the best pleasure of playing your favorite games. If you want to get more processor, so you can get Acer Swift 3. It has Intel Core i3 to i7 which has more tremendous features.


  • Asus Transformer Mini

Actually, there is one gaming laptop which is cheapest than another gaming laptop. It is Asus Transformer Mini which is built with Intel Atom. The screen is also kind of small which is only 10.1 inch with HD touchscreen display.


  • Samsung Chromebook Pro

Although you did not get cheap gaming laptop under 100, you still can have Samsung Chromebook Pro which has Inter Core with the greatest graphics display.