Get An Effective Samsung Easy Wireless Setup Now!

Samsung easy wireless setup is one of the best solutions for you who easily distract with USB cable. Typically, the printer needs to connect to the computer by using the USB cable. However, you can freely put away the USB cable and change it with wireless printer connection. You do not need to put your USB on your computer and printer, but you will only need your computer, printer, and internet connection (Wi-Fi). It is highly effective for your work.

Steps To Install Samsung Easy Wireless On Your Computer

Samsung easy wireless setup becomes one of the best features from Samsung. You can freely print your documents without connecting your computer and printer with USB cable. You will only need Wi-Fi connection that lets you control it from some distances. So, here are easy steps to install the Samsung easy wireless:

  1. You need to connect your computer and printer with USB cable. Although you will get wireless connection, you need to install it with USB connection so make sure that you connect it to right port,
  2. You need to run the wireless setting by launching the Wireless Setting application. Just follow the instructions to install the application,
  3. While the application is installing, you need to make sure that USB cable is still connected well to your computer and printer
  4. You have to choose setup method and follow the instruction,
  5. You need also install the Wizard to find the connection that will be used,
  6. If the connection has been found, so you can add your security key and continue the next steps,
  7. Just wait until there is an icon of Wi-Fi connection with a checklist. It means that the installation succeeds,
  8. Samsung easy wireless setup has been installed and it is ready to use.