How To Join TelltheBell Survey

TelltheBell survey from Taco Bell Company is a good way to you to speak out your opinion as a customer for the company about the related things with the service.  After you speak out the opinion about the thought of this company, you will get your chance to win a prize. The prize is an iPad which priced about $500. This is such a gorgeous and luxurious prize that makes people want to join this survey. Then, do you know how to join the survey?

Rules And Steps To Join TelltheBell Survey

If you want to join the survey, you can make sure that you are allowed to join the survey based on the following rules.

  • Should be an American citizen
  • Should be above 18 years’ old
  • Should be a customer because an employee does not have a chance for it

Those rules are the rules that you have to follow when you want to join TelltheBell survey and win the prize. Then, if you already passed those rules, which means you can do the survey, you can enter the survey by following these steps.

  • First, you have to access the official website of this survey and visit the right page.
  • Then, when you want to start your survey, you have put the 16 digits of the code that you get from the receipt. Make sure that the receipt is valid and it would be better if the receipt is the recent receipt that you have.
  • Then, you can join the survey and enter some information related to questions there. Make sure that you fill the question with the right opinion that you have.
  • The last is you have to finish the survey.

After you finish the survey, it would be nice if you keep the code that you have, in case you might the one that is chosen by the company as the winner of an iPad from TelltheBell survey.