Places In West Papua

There are many destination places in West Papua, so if you come to this place and stay just for one day is not enough for you, such as when you go to Raja Ampat to see underwater world, you will never satisfy just to see the underwater world in on or two hours. You want to see it again because you can find many interesting things during you are in Raja Ampat. The case is also the same when you come to Sorong, one of the cities in this West Irian jay, when you come to Manokwari, and many places in Papua.

Visit West Papua

Because of many destinations when you come to West Papua to search and come to the places, you must have a plan first about the destination during your trip to Papua because by that, you will never feel disappointed for not to see many spots in Papua because you have a plan first and you go to the destination as the plan that you make, you also have prepared the money for the destination, so you can just bring enough money with the additional money of you want to see and buy some interesting souvenir in the place.

Manokwari, Sorong, and Raja Ampat are three famous places that must look when you are in West Papua because many tours also chose this three place to enjoy Papua. You will never feel disappointed if you trip to Papua because this place is different and you will never go to see this place in the other city or island in Indonesia except in Papua. From, you will know the other places that are much recommended to be visited in Papua because, by this, you can get more experience which is not the same as your friend did, especially if you are the one who ever come to West Papua. See in west if you want to come to this place.